PsyAsia International recently presented a live seminar at the Hong Kong Institute for HRM.  Psychologist Vincent Wong presented the similarities and differences between the professions of organisational psychology and HRM.  In this online session, Vincent takes you through his HKIHRM presentation with slides and high quality narration (English).  The outline follows:

1. What is organizational psychology?

-Definition from different professional bodies

-Areas covered by Organizational Psychology

2. Similarities between Organization Psychology and HRM


- Aim: improving organizational effectiveness by working on HRM issues

- Overlapping areas

- Differences

- Knowledge foundation

- Level of application

- Other areas covered by Organizational Psychology

3. Myths

-Organizational Psychology is the theoretical face of the coin while HRM is the practical face

-Organizational psychologists and HR professionals are the same group of people with different names

-Working relationships between psychologists and HR professionals are transactional

4. Organizational psychology in HRM

-Develop selection procedures and assessment tools, with expertise in performance theories, assessment of human characteristics and statistics (use in both selection and career development)

-Develop training principles based on human learning theories

-Develop reward principles based on understanding of human motives (theories of motivation and equality issues)

-Develop performance appraisal systems

5. Inter-winded relationship

-HR professionals as client, partner, advisor and provider



Estimated time to complete
-40 minutes

Enrollment period
-30 days