Apollo Personality Profile Basic Competency Online Course

PsyAsia International's Apollo Profile Basic Competency Course is an online course developed by a Registered Psychologist to train users in the Basics of the Apollo Profile pre-interpreted personality assessment reports within 2 hours.

Apollo Personality Profile Basic Competency Course: Online Psychometric Training by Psychologist

This brief psychometric personality course is offered entirely online and has been produced with the aim of making it possible for busy professionals to be able to start competently using the Apollo Profile as quickly as possible. It is taught by way of high quality video lessons. The trainer is multi-award-winning Registered Psychologist (Organisational Psychology & Clinical Neuropsychology) Dr. Graham Tyler, the instigator of the world’s first Psychometrics MOOC.


 Topics covered

 Introduction to Apollo
 Why assess personality for work?
 Before using Apollo
 Basics of reliability & validity
 Apollo reports
 Dangers of misinterpretation

What happens once I complete the Apollo Basic Competency course?

Once you have passed the final course exam, you will receive a PDF certificate from us within one business day and will then be able to order pre-interpreted Apollo Personality reports via our bureau service. We recommend that you consider upgrading your skills to the full Apollo Accreditation at a later date to enable you to use your own Apollo system independently and have access to a wider range of reports at a lower fee.

How much does the Apollo Profile Basic Competency course cost and where can I register?

The fastest way to find out the current fees and promotions is to use the Live Chat icon on any page of our website, from where we can also answer any queries you may have. The course fee can also be found within our registration form. Registration can be completed online at the following link:

Why the need for Apollo Personality Profile Basic Competency course?

The Apollo Profile is a fantastic personality assessment tool which compares your candidates with those rated as excellent performers in various job roles. Being a psychometric tool and, an HR-decision-making tool, it is imperative that Apollo is used only by those who understand it. To use the Apollo Profile independently, clients need to be fully accredited. However, the time required to train for full accreditation can be too much for some clients. For such clients, the Apollo Profile Basic Competency Course enables them to use Apollo within our bureau service and to be able to understand how to use the pre-interpreted Apollo reports. Training at this level takes less than 2 hours, so clients are able to use Apollo almost immediately, subject to passing the end of course quiz.

What about the time commitment?

The course is divided into 5 short Units and the approximate video play times are listed below. Keep in mind that everybody is different and some will pause the video and take notes, whilst others will watch a video outright.

-Module 1: 16 mins.
-Module 2: 13 mins.
-Module 3: 17 mins.
-Module 4: 14 mins.
-Module 5: 31 mins.
Approximately 91 minutes of video
Plus final quiz: 15 minutes

TOTAL COMMITMENT – Approximately 2 hours
(depending on speed of learning)

Apollo Personality Course
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Apollo Narrative Report