BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User Course Online

BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User Training from our Psychometric Assessment at Work Course is the introductory Level for training in psychometric test administration relevant to workplace assessment. This course can be completed fully online and leads to an internationally recognised certification from the British Psychological Society. Our expertise and experience in online psychometric training for BPS Certification dates back to 2008.

Online Psychometric Test Administration Course

BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User Online Training Course

Since 2008, our Online Psychometric Test Administration Course has provided students with the ability to understand and competently practice the administration of ability, aptitude and personality assessments in organisational settings.  Successful completion of this course and the course assessments makes students eligible for the BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User Qualification. If you wish to additionally interpret test results and feed back those results in a meaningful way to candidates and decision-makers, you will need to complete BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Training and BPS Level 2 Personality Test User Training after completing this first Level course.

Topics covered by our BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User Course

  • What is Occupational Testing
  • Categories of Psychometric Tests
  • Types of Maximum and Typical Performance Tests
  • Preparation for Managed Test Administration
  • Invitation Letters
  • Introducing & Running the Test Session
  • Test Logs
  • Modes of Test Administration
  • Managing Problems with Remote Testing
  • Candidates with Disabilities
  • Direct & Indirect Discrimination
  • The Four-Fifth’s Rule
  • Justifiable Adverse Impact
  • UK Data Protection Act
  • Hong Kong Personal Data Ordinance
  • Singapore Personal Data Protection Act

Why the need for the BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User Course?

We know from research that well designed and reputable psychometric tests are incredibly useful in candidate selection and employee development as well as in team-building, coaching and career development. However, in order to be useful such tests need to be administered properly.  Deviation from standardised test administration, errors in scoring, improper storage or use of test data or simply not giving respondents the information they need can all lead to a reduction in test reliability and validity. This effectively makes the test useless and can have huge negative impacts upon you, your company and the respondent.  The content from this course prevents these issues by teaching you how to effectively prepare for and administer psychometric assessments.

What about the time commitment?

The course is divided into 4 Modules and the video play times are listed below, along with estimated time to complete assessments. Keep in mind that everybody is different and some will pause the video and take notes, whilst others will watch a video outright. You may need substantially more time than noted below if you prefer to take your time learning. Those on our Independent Mode of Learning will have 90-days to complete this Level of the course. For those interested in our Supported Modes of Learning, please see below for links to the relevant course structure/timetables.

-Module 1: 115 mins.
-Module 2: 130 mins.
-Module 3: 120 mins.
-Module 4: 30 mins.

Total = Approximately 7 hours of video
Plus assessments (workbook and 2 practicals): 6 hours

BPS Psychometrics Course
Training in Psychometric Tests Online
Online Psychometrics Course BPS Level 1& 2

Forums or Event App

For those on our Supported Mode of Learning, we offer student forums (Extended Mode) or an event app (Express Mode) where students can discuss and ask questions about course topics. Our psychologist-facilitator will ensure questions are answered either in the forum/app or at the Q&A webinars.

PsyGOLD CPD in Psychometrics

PsyGOLD Membership

Students get membership to our PsyGOLD program not only during their course, but for the life of the PsyGOLD program! PsyGOLD is our community of current and past students. We meet on a regular basis to present case studies of real psychometric testing experiences and receive professional development via peer feedback and expert advice from Dr Tyler. This is invaluable in continuing to develop competence in psychometrics under the support and guidance of a student- and competency-centred psychologist and helps graduates fulfil the BPS requirement of continuous professional development in psychometrics.

Beautiful Presentations

Quality, HD course slides fully narrated by our award-winning Chartered Psychologist using professional recording equipment. Quizzes at the end of each Module assess your learning. Note: Slides are used as a learning aid to cement points being made by an experienced facilitator. We do not read copious amounts of text from slides!

Virtual Whiteboard

Our virtual whiteboard feature introduced in Level 2 ensures students grasp topics at the same level as those in the traditional classroom. Our facilitator is also in the process of adding more of these whiteboard videos to enhance understanding. Watch the videos over and over until you are happy!

Online Psychometric Training: Modes - Fees - Registration

Our Independent Mode is a discounted option for those who prefer to learn principally at their own pace. Independent Mode offers 90 days to complete EACH Level of the Psychometric Assessment at Work Course that you have signed up for. A generous additional discount is available for registering for all 3 Levels up-front. In this case, you will receive a 90-day enrollment in Level 1 initially. Once you have completed that, we will add a 90-day enrollment in Level 2 Ability, and once that is complete, we will add your 90-day enrollment in Level 2 Personality. Before your enrollment expires for a particular Level, you need to upload your portfolio of work to our secure server for assessment.

Those who register for our Independent Mode will still get access to our PsyGOLD membership where they are free to attend our case study presentations, interact with other students/graduates and receive advice from Dr Tyler even after graduation. Outside of this, however, they will need to book a one-on-one meeting with the facilitator for any additional support (at a reduced fee).

Enrollment includes one-time assessment of your portfolio of work for the BPS certification. Additional but very reasonable fees will apply for one-on-one online sessions with our psychologist for additional coaching and, fees may also apply for remarking work that does not meet the required standards and for work submitted outside of deadlines. You will need to pay the BPS separately for your registration/certification on the RQTU.

Students who prefer to receive more structured support from our Psychologist-facilitator and spend more time working with other students during the course may opt for one of our Supported Mode courses. We offer 2 versions:

Express Supported
6-days of online psychometric training supported by an event app to keep students on track, professionally recorded videos, quizzes, multiple daily webinars for questions, skill practice/feedback via virtual breakout rooms, psychologist logged-in for entire teaching day every day of the course, as well as PsyGOLD membership both as a student and as a graduate.
- Full details for our Express Supported Psychometric Assessment Course.

Extended Supported
The course proceeds over approximately 5 months with short breaks between each Level. Students learn from professionally recorded videos, quizzes and forum interaction with co-students, then meet each week for a 2-3 hour webinar with the psychologist-facilitator where questions will be answered and new skills practised in virtual break-out rooms with feedback. PsyGOLD membership is also included, both as a student and as a graduate.
- Full details for our Extended Supported Psychometric Assessment Course

Enrollment includes one-time assessment of your portfolio of work for the BPS certification. Additional but very reasonable fees will apply for one-on-one online sessions with our psychologist for additional coaching and, fees may also apply for remarking work that does not meet the required standards and for work submitted outside of deadlines. You will need to pay the BPS separately for your registration/certification on the RQTU.


Independent Mode Pay Once - start anytime

Independent Mode Subscription/Installment Model - start anytime

Supported Mode Courses

  • Dates, fees & registration links for upcoming courses at our Events page

Kindly note that following successful completion of the course(s), we will, with your permission, submit your details to the British Psychological Society for Registration on their Register of Qualifications in Test Use. The BPS will then invoice you directly for the certification and registration fee. As with all BPS Level 1 & 2 Certification Courses, you will need to ensure that once you have your certificate, you fulfill the re-validation requirements every 6 years in order to continue to be certified.

What Students Say About Our BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User Training

Don’t just take it from us, let our valued students do the talking!

Training was informative, sleek and world class- just the right amount of knowledge that one needs to be able to digest.

Interventionist Psychologist, Evergreen Place, Singapore

“The Online Psychometric Test Administration Course is very relevant to all recruiters who are involved in test administration. The speaker is very knowledgeable and you will learn a lot from him. Very approachable…its fun.”
Enrico I. Navea

Recruitment Specialist, National Guard Health Affairs, Saudi Arabia

The Online Training for Test Administration was an ideal solution for me. The program was delivered by a very experienced facilitator, the content was substantial and doing it online allowed us to attend the course in an environment that we are already comfortable in. I would highly recommend this course to management who are looking for a unique yet effective training methodology.
Alex Tan

Senior Performance Consultant, HRnet Performance Consulting, Malaysia

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