Psychometrics for Human Resources Decisions
Live Online Course

Our Psychometrics for Human Resources Decisions online course teaches a basic understanding of how to use psychometric tools in Human Resource decision-making in a practical manner conveyed via case studies and experiential learning in virtual breakout groups in 3 Live Sessions of 3-4 hours each (with breaks). Suitable for those working as HRM Managers/Officers, Line Managers, Business Managers & Leaders, Careers Advisers, Coaches, Counsellors etc.

Psychometrics for Human Resources Decisions Live Online Course

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Psychometrics for Human Resources Decisions: Course Aims & Objectives

Whilst we recommend that anybody using psychometric tests for decision-making undertake our higher-level Psychometric Assessment at Work Course, not everybody has time to do so. This course meets a need for those who want to use tests very soon and who do not want, or have time for, in-depth study. The course combines easy to understand knowledge components with practical demonstrations and small virtual breakout room exercises using Online Psychometric Systems and reports which students will be given access to.

By the end of the online course, students will have a comfortable understanding of psychometric tests of aptitude and personality in terms of how they work, their limitations, reliability and validity, basic interpretation skills for computer-generated test reports, basic  feedback skills, and know how to gather additional evidence from psychometric test candidates and report all of this to decision-makers or use in HR decision-making.

Live Online Training in Psychometrics

We use online meeting platforms to enable screen sharing and breakout rooms where students can practice with each other and receive supervision and guidance from the psychologist facilitator as they progress.

The course runs as a LIVE course which students are highly encouraged to attend in order to properly benefit from the psychologist’s live feedback and guidance. For those unable to make the live session times, every session gets recorded and made available for on-demand viewing at the student’s convenience.

Psychometrics for Human Resources Decisions: Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Psychometric Testing at Work

We begin with a basic introduction to Psychometric Testing which covers both ability/aptitde tests and personality assessment. We also consider why tests are used and useful and introduce their limitations.

(Day 1 / 20 min.)

Module 2: Administering Online Psychometric Tests / Enhancing Reliability & Validity

In this Module, students will learn how to setup the Psychometric Portal to administer psychometric tests. We will use a case study approach with practical demonstrations. We start by considering what we need to assess. Students will then be split into virtual breakout rooms where they will practice setting up their trial systems and the facilitator will move between breakout rooms to assist. We introduce issues of reliability and validity in this Module via the case study and discuss what happens when we choose good tests and how we can make good tests unreliable and invalidate them.

(Day 1 / 80 min.)

Module 3: Ability & Aptitude Tests Interpretation

Now that we have set up tests, we assume our case-study candidates have completed their assigned assessments and demonstrate how to produce reports from the system. Again, students will practice this themselves in virtual breakout rooms with facilitator supervision.

The faciliator then regroups the students and takes them through the basics of aptitude test interpretation. Once this is completed, students will be assigned to small virtual rooms of 2-3 students where they will interpret aptitude tests among themselves and consider the implications of the results for the case study role.

The faciliator will monitor all of the breakout rooms and intervene with advice or feedback where necessary before regrouping the students for a debriefing and Q&A.

(Day 1 / 120 min.)

Module 4: Personality Assessment Interpretation

As per the aptitude interpretation Module above, but specifically applied to personality assessment. We will also demonstrate and practice the use of the Job Match function in the Psychometric Portal. Personality assessment is more complex than aptitude/ability testing, so it is important to understand that we are covering the basics for HR decision-making here and will not be delving deeply into personality assessments. Our focus is on being practical, applying interpretation to the case study and helping students to generalise this learning to their own scenarios of personality assessment.

(Day 2 / 180 min.)

Module 5: Feedback, Evidence, Reports & Decision-making

Our final session covers what to do with the information we have collected from our test respondents. We continue with the case study and discuss what we need in order to verify the accuracy of the assessment results. This includes feeding back to the respondent and collecting corroborative job-related evidence from them. After students have been shown how to do this, they are split into small virtual breakout groups of 2-3 and will do likewise with aptitude and personality reports and information about the case study role, under the supervision of the facilitator. We then all reconvene in the main group for a final session on how this is all written up and how we make evidence based decisions in light of all the information we now have. Students are given some time to type out rough report sections which are then shared with the group and we offer feedback to each other before a final Q & A.

(Day 3 / 180 min.)

Psychometrics for Human Resources Decisions Online Course

Dr Graham Tyler

Chartered Psychologist (Organisational Psychology & Clinical Neuropsychology)

Dr Tyler has more than two decades of expertise in the use of psychometric tests for workplace decisions. He has been facilitating online psychometric courses for a multicultural audience since 2002. This includes our premium BPS Level 1 & 2 Certification Course.

The Psychometric Portal (Online System)

Course attendees will receive one trial version of the Psychometric Portal per organisation. The Psychometric Portal will be used during the training in practical sessions. 30-days after the course, the trial of the Psychometric Portal will expire and graduates may then decide whether to purchase the system at that time, or use alternative assessments.


All those who complete the entire course and pass the Module Quizes and end of course quiz will receive a pdf certificate of attendance signed by Dr Graham Tyler.