Online Aptitude Tests for Human Resources, Employee Hiring, Development & Coaching

A range of reliable and valid online psychometric aptitude tests for use in employee job recruitment/selection, coaching and development. Supported by Business Psychologists.

Aptitude Tests

Why Aptitude Tests?

The use of aptitude testing is widely acknowledged to be one of the most successful methods of predicting an individual’s success within a role, for both job applicants and succession planning.

Our Aptitude Assessments increase the likelihood of selecting the best person for the job, and provide an objective and standardised approach to reduce bias in the selection process. These tests filter out candidates earlier in the recruitment process, reducing costs, and can be used to identify strengths and development needs for current employees.


Benefits of our online aptitude tests:

  • Increases the likelihood of selecting the best person for the role
  • The objective and standardised approach reduces bias in the selection process
  • Costs are reduced, as they can help filter out poorer candidates at an earlier stage
  • Can be used to identify strengths and development needs for current employees

Our range of psychometric Aptitude Tests have been designed by Chartered Psychologists who have also developed tests for the world’s largest test publisher.

These tests are available in our Online Psychometric Testing System – The Psychometric Portal®. The system is available for those trained to use aptitude tests. Alternatively, our psychologists can assist untrained users with our Psychologist-on-Call™ Service.

The following shows the various aptitude tests available:

Clerical & Administrative Aptitudes

The Clerical & Administrative Series tests assess the aptitude of employees or candidates for clerical, administrative or support roles. They can be used across a wide range of functions including Customer Advisors, Call Centre staff, Secretaries and Data Entry roles.

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Managerial and Professional Aptitudes

The Managerial & Professional Series tests can be used for graduate recruitment or management development and would best suit the grade of a newly appointed graduate manager, an experienced manager or any more senior position involving the use or application of budgets, financial planning, policies or potentially complex procedures.

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Operative Aptitudes

The Operative Series tests assess the ability to reason with basic information and the visual representation characteristic of the work of a range of shop floor staff, and are appropriate for assessing unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled operatives in a range of industries including manufacturing, production, warehousing and logistics.

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Specialist Series Aptitudes

The Specialist Aptitude Test Series assess the ability to reason with symbols, involving neither written text nor numbers. Useful in specialist engineering (across all disciplines) and architectural roles where symbolic or coded representation is commonplace, such as electric and chemical engineering.

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Supervisory & Team Leader Aptitude Tests

The Supervisory & Team Leader Series tests are suitable for both selection and development purposes for supervisors, team leaders or any position involving the use or application of budgets, policies or moderately complex procedures within an operational setting.

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