BPS Level 2 Personality Test User Online Training

BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Online Training

An online psychometric assessment course for those wishing to competently use Ability and Aptitude tests in human resources decisions, career counselling, coaching and so on. Leads to an internationally recognised certification from the British Psychological Society.

Psychometric Assessment at Work Course – BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Training

With more than 20 years of experience in teaching this course face-to-face in many different parts of the world from the UK to the UAE, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and more, our award-winning Chartered Psychologist Facilitator is pleased to be able to offer the same course online.  Over the years of offering this course, we have been motivated by the kind feedback received from our students and firmly believe we have a great option for quality training that highlights our passion for the competent use of psychometric assessments. The BPS Level 2 Ability Test User course is for those who have already completed the BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User training and who wish to be able to interpret and provide useful feedback about ability and aptitude test results to candidates and decision-makers. Upon successful completion of the course, students become eligible for the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Qualification.

Topics covered


  • Theories of Intelligence
  • Roots of Intelligence: Nature or Nurture
  • Two Factor Model – a Compromise
  • New Directions for Intelligence


  • Distribution Statistics
  • ‘Normal’ Distribution
  • Central Tendency
  • Skew – ‘When Data is Distorted’
  • Spread of Scores & Standard Deviation
  • Different Scales
  • Composition of Norm Groups
  • Sample Statistics: Standard Error of the Mean
  • Gender & Ethnicity


  • Classical Test Theory
  • Correlational Statistics
  • Significance Levels
  • Systematic Error
  • Standard Error of Measurement
  • Item Response Theory


  • Types of Validity
  • Bias in Validity
  • Restriction of Range
  • Criterion Problem
  • Criterion Contamination
  • Validity Generalization
  • Statistical Analysis versus Pragmatic Value
  • Chance Relationships


  • Feedback & Report-writing for Aptitude Tests

Why the need for this course?

There are a number of test publishers who are mainly concerned with getting paid and less concerned about their clients being appropriately trained. Likewise, a large number of test users either see training as a troublesome obstacle to test access or simply don’t understand the need to undergo training. Psychometric tests are useful tools – they provide a lot of information about an individual in a short period of time and present the information in a structured manner. This makes the entire process more scientific. However, if the people using tests and making decisions on the basis of test results do not fully understand the theory behind testing, how different scoring systems work, how much confidence they can have in test scores, how to choose the best psychometric tests, how to ensure decision-makers are aware of the pros and cons of testing and so on, the benefits of using psychometric tests can be totally negated. This course therefore ensures that those using psychometric ability and aptitude tests can choose the best tests for their purpose in the first place, can fully understand issues of test reliability, validity and test score confidence, know what is and what is not assessed and predicted by these tests and know how to professionally and competently feedback and use ability and aptitude test scores.

What about the time commitment?

The course is divided into 9 Modules and the video play times are listed below, along with estimated time to complete assessments. Keep in mind that everybody is different and some will pause the video and take notes, whilst others will watch a video outright. You may need substantially more time than noted below if you prefer to take your time learning. Those on our Independent Mode of Learning will have 90-days to complete this Level of the course, whilst those in our Supported Intakes will have 5 weeks of training plus 2 further weeks to finalise assessments.
-Modules 1+2: 51+30 mins.
-Modules 3+4: 60+51 mins.
-Modules 5+6: 90+30 mins.
-Modules 7+8: 30+33 mins.
-Module 9: 57 mins.
Total = Approximately 7 hours of video
Plus assessments (workbook and practicals): 8 hours

Will the course work on my system?

Yes!  We use the same platform used by the world’s top Universities and our videos stream from a world renowned content partner. You should be able to access everything on your PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone devices. When completing quizzes we recommend doing so on a full screen device for obvious reasons.

BPS Psychometrics Course
Training in Psychometric Tests Online
Online Psychometrics Course BPS Level 1& 2

What Our Students Say About Our BPS Level 1 & 2 Training

Don’t just take it from us, let our valued students do the talking!

The course was indeed an eye opener for me. There’s so much to learn and I must add that Dr. Graham is indeed excellent. He is very concerned and helpful, ensuring high standards of understanding, even if he has to spend extra time and effort. Indeed, fortunate to have attended.

Madhu Sharma

Independent Consultant & Trainer (India)

Intensive, and Graham did his level best to make complex things reachable and understandable.
David E White

Managing Partner, White & White Associates Ltd. (Mauritius)

Very beneficial for my work. Trainer is great. Thanks.

Psychological Researcher, Ministry of Education (Singapore)

Course was excellent in pushing through the details of professional application of psychological principles to workplace settings.
Delwyn Goh

MINDEF (Singapore)

Very useful for understanding about the essence of psychometric assessment and gaining competence in assessing psychometric tools.
Winnie Lee

Counselling Specialist, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Intensive, Informative, Life-changing, Brilliant.
Sam Mothibi

General Manager, Exelco Nv. (Botswana)

This inspired me through a lot of discussions on top of the very informative course content.
Monica Tang

Training Officer, Wharf T&T (Hong Kong)

I think Dr. Graham Tyler is a fantastic tutor who made the course worth attending.
Mala S.

Counsellor, Insync Counselling Services (Singapore)

I found it useful and it enhanced my knowledge of psychometric testing and empowered me to integrate psychometrics into my job function.
T. Naicker

OD Specialist, Orynx GTL (Qatar)

Graham is a clear and knowledgeable instructor. The course is well planned and delivered.

Project Manager, Save the Children (Singapore)

Very good and relevant especially in my line of leadership assessment and development.

Consultant, Hewitt Associates (Malaysia)

Comprehensive subject matter covered in a professional manner, whilst at the same time made as enjoyable as possible …

Cogmed Coordinator, Blurton FDC (Hong Kong)

I very much respect the professionalism of Graham…and BPS’s high standards… Great topics, worth the hard work, now I feel very confident in advising our clients in the selection and use of psychometric tests for assessment purposes.
Justine Guo

Talent & Organization Consultant, Hewitt Associates (China)

More reviews?

Simply send us an email and we’ll send you all the reviews we have!

Online Training Modes - Fees - Registration

Our Independent Mode is a discounted option for those who prefer to learn principally at their own pace and who are unlikely to need interaction and support with other students or tutors. Independent Mode provides 90 days of access to EACH Level of the Psychometric Assessment at Work Course that you have signed up for. A generous additional discount is available for registering for all 3 Levels up-front. In this case, you will receive a 90-day enrollment in Level 1 initially. Once you have completed that, we will add a 90-day enrollment in Level 2 Ability, and once that is complete, we will add your 90-day enrollment in Level 2 Personality. Once your enrollment expires for a particular Level, you need to upload your portfolio of work to our secure server for assessment.

Enrollment includes one-time assessment of your portfolio of work for the BPS certification. Additional but very reasonable fees will apply for one-on-one online sessions with our psychologist for additional coaching and, fees may also apply for remarking work that does not meet the required standards and for work submitted outside of deadlines.

Our Supported Intake Mode is more similar to traditional teaching. Here, rather than commencing the course on your own when you are ready, you instead join a particular Intake Group. The Online course will commence on the published date and each week, we will focus on one or two Modules. The Module(s) will comprise a number of training videos. Having watched these videos, you can then participate in our online forums with the other students of your intake to discuss the content and learn from each other and you can attempt our self-review quizzes to test your learning. Course tutors will log into the forums at least once per week and will either respond to the questions by reply, or use the questions to guide additional "RealTime" Videos or Webinars to cement learning.

Our Supported Intake Mode is approximately 20% more expensive than our Independent Mode, but as you can see, you will benefit not only from the convenience of taking the course anywhere you like Online, but you will additionally benefit from the ongoing support of both students and tutors.  As you move through each week of the course, you will complete various parts of your workbook and assessed practical exercises. You will then upload your portfolio of work to our secure server. Overall, the Supported Intake Mode takes approximately 6 months to complete and runs just once per year. Please ask us for the full timetable for the next intake for full details of dates,

Enrollment includes one-time assessment of your portfolio of work for the BPS certification. Additional but very reasonable fees will apply for one-on-one online sessions with our psychologist for additional coaching and, fees may also apply for remarking work that does not meet the required standards and for work submitted outside of deadlines. You will need to pay the BPS separately for your registration/certification on the RQTU.


Full details of our Supported Intake Mode can be found here.

The fastest way to find out the current fees and promotions is to use the Live Chat icon on any page of our website, from where we can also answer any queries you may have. Course fees can also be found within our registration forms. Registration can be completed online at the following links:

  • Supported Intake: Dates, availability, fees and registration
    (remember supported intake only runs once per year)


Kindly note that following successful completion of the course(s), we will, with your permission, submit your details to the British Psychological Society for Registration on their Register of Qualifications in Test Use. The BPS will then invoice you directly for the certification and registration fee. As with all BPS Level 1 & 2 Certification Courses, you will need to ensure that once you have your certificate, you fulfill the re-validation requirements every 6 years in order to continue to be certified.

Beautiful Presentations

Quality, HD course slides fully narrated by our award-winning Chartered Psychologist using professional recording equipment. Quizzes at the end of each Module assess your learning.

Virtual Whiteboard

Our virtual whiteboard feature introduced in Level 2 ensures students grasp topics at the same level as those in the traditional classroom. Watch the videos over and over until you are happy with your understanding.

Student Forum

For those on our Supported Intake Mode of Learning, we offer student forums in each Module where students can discuss the course topics. Our psychologist facilitator will monitor these forums and add his input and from time-to-time, he will record RealTime videos and arrange Webinars which elaborate on questions and points being made in the forums.