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Essential, structured performance feedback from peers, managers, direct-reports and more to assist development & success.
360 Performance Appraisal Psychometric Portal

360° Performance Assessment

Our 360° performance assessment looks at specific aspects of people’s working behaviour, such as their people management, team working or interpersonal style, with a view to improving it. It is based on objective data gathered from those well positioned to observe the individual at work – typically their own staff, peers and manager. Feedback, whilst dealt with anonymously, is therefore very specific, meaningful and powerful.


  • Select from a bank of questionnaires and 40 pre-designed competencies, or create your own
  • Unlike some competitors, all aspects of threesixty° are fully customisable
  • Sophisticated development narrative – our threesixty° tool identifies solutions as well as issues
  • No hidden costs – you only pay for the output reports

Performance Appraisal Online - Client Experience

360 Online Appraisal

All ethical and responsible professionals involved in HR may use the system. However, we do advise that those with limited knowledge and experience in performance appraisals consider engaging our face-to-face or online training courses in the topic.


If you prefer, our psychologists can handle the entire 360 process for you. You then simply send us the full names and email addresses of those to be assessed and we will invite them via our system. Once they have completed the assessments, we will send you the reports and arrange a telephone or skype session to take you through the reports to ensure understanding and effective use.


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