Candidate Interview by Psychologist and Selection & Assessment Consulting

Have our Registered Psychologists run psychometric assessments for your candidates, followed by a behaviour-based interview specifically in line with your required job competencies. Alternatively, consult us on selection and assessment procedures and tools.

Our Psychologist on Call™ Service

Large organisations throughout the world employ their own in-house Business Psychologists. They call upon these psychologists to assist in the design and development of the recruitment and selection process, among other roles.

Within the selection interview, the Business Psychologist is able to bring scientific tools and principles, as well as expertise in the application of ability and personality assessment in the workplace. This expertise can be combined with cutting-edge interview techniques that provide evidence for the psychometric profile and the ability of the candidate to succeed in the role they are being considered for.

Our Psychologist on Call™ service provides the same services as would typically be offered by in-house organisational psychologists to organizations who do not currently use these individuals or whose own psychologists are engaged in other tasks or where an external perspective is required.

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The Psychologist on Call™ / Psychologist Job Interview Process

Send us basic information for our quotation

Prior to deciding whether to engage this service, simply send us some basic details about the role you are hiring for, such as a list of the competencies, along with job title and job description. Without obligation, our Psychologist will look over this information to check that we are able to assess for your requirements. He will make an initial suggestion for psychometric tests and this will enable us to provide a quotation for the service. 

Create Job / Role Profile

Once you decide to go ahead with the service, we will ask you to sign an agreement and then send us further details about the role you are hiring for. We need at least a job description and list of 6-8 competencies with full definitions of what these competencies mean in your role/at this level. We would also appreciate full details of skills, knowledge, background etc. of a successful candidate, along with information about your organisational and team cultures. We may additionally ask you to undertake a job analysis questionnaire. We will consult international competency and behavioural indicator databases to provide us with a clear understanding of the job.

Psychometric Testing

Based on your role requirements, we will recommend the most suitable psychometric tests and invite your candidates to complete these assessments online. Once completed, we score the assessments and produce reports.

Interview Candidate(s)

With the role profile, job description, person specification and results from the psychometric assessments in hand, our experienced Registered Psychologist will now (optionally) interview your job applicants. We use mainly a technique called “Behaviour Based Interviewing” where we gather evidence from previous work experience to support or refute the notion that a particular candidate has the competencies and so on required to be successful in the role.  This technique has been shown through years of scientific research to be the most valid interviewing technique to predict work performance. (Note that not all clients want us to undertake this interview due to budget constraints. If this is the case, we move on to the final point below.)

Report and Feedback to Client

The final step is to send the psychometric assessment report(s) to our client by email a short time before we meet the client and other stakeholders online to engage in a full feedback session. The objective is for the client/decision-maker to fully understand the reports and their limitations, along with the candidate(s)’ likelihood of succeeding in the role given all the information to hand. We typically recommend assessing at least 3 or 4 candidates for any single position to make any comparison meaningful. Many of our clients ask us to undertake assessments of a much larger number of candidates however, so we have expertise of testing over 1000 individuals and short-listing these down to smaller numbers for final interview with the client.

Job Match Assessment for Recruitment
Personality Assessment Report for Recruitment HRM
Aptitude Test for Recruitment

Qualification for Psychologist Job Interview​ / Psychologist-on-Call Consulting

Qualification for Service

Our psychologist will assess and interview your job applicants and feedback to you and your managers.

Psychologist Supervised Bureau Service

This service has been developed to bridge the gap between those clients who do not wish to use our full Psychologist on Call™ service and who are not appropriately qualified to use tests independently. We do strongly advise that clients undergo training in psychometric testing to assist in a full understanding of psychometrics and access to more thorough reports. However, where this is not immediately possible, our Psychologist Supervised Bureau Service is the answer.

Clients simply need to provide us with detailed information about the job they are hiring for (including competencies required) and then we will recommend the most suitable assessments. Upon client approval, we will send invitations for candidates to complete the psychometric assessments online. Once completed, we will send limited, text-only reports to clients and follow these up with a brief call from a psychologist to ensure appropriate use of the results. Sending text-only reports (i.e., without numbers and graphics) is significantly less likely to lead to any error in interpretation given that the test results have already been pre-interpreted in the text.