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Our range of Online Psychometric Assessments includes Ability Tests, Aptitude Tests, Personality Assessments, 360 Degree Performance Appraisal, Culture & Engagement Survey, Job Analysis - all supported by our multi-award-winning company and multi-award-winning Registered Business Psychologists; the experts in psychometric testing at work.

World-class Online Psychometric Assessments supported by expert Registered Business Psychologists offers reliable and valid world class online psychometric assessments. Unlike many of our competitors, we were founded and are managed by Registered Business Psychologists who are experts in psychology, business and personality, and who have undergone years of training in the field. Our psychologists must continue to undergo Continuous Professional Development in order to remain as Registered Psychologists – they are answerable to professional and government regulatory bodies.


Science and best practice before profits

In a field that is becoming less and less science-driven and more and more driven by money and profits, our mission is to ensure best practice whilst educating test users globally.


Multi-award-winning business & director

Our business has won multiple awards for our service, innovation and technology, and our Director and Founder is the recipient of an award from the British Psychological Society for Scientific Contribution to Organisational Psychology. Clients can be assured they are placing their trust in quality-focused leaders in the field.


Online Psychometric Assessments from multiple publishers

We are not a test publisher. This added advantage means that we have more than one test to recommend – our clients (and their candidates) therefore benefit from our multiple assessments from multiple test publishers. Different psychometric tests suit different needs and test users should never rely on one assessment to do everything they need.


Innovative, cutting-edge online psychometric assessment training

Our business model has always been truly international. We work across borders and maintain standards in testing by offering high quality online training in psychometric testing. Our high-level online psychometrics courses lead to an internationally recognised qualification from the British Psychological Society (the RQTU Level 1 & 2 Test User Certifications) and the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA Euro Test User Certificate). Clients worldwide have the opportunity to work with our award-winning company and consultants, undergo world class training from the comfort of their homes, offices, or wherever they may be, and use our online psychometric tests for their hiring, development, coaching, team-building and career guidance needs.

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