Operative Aptitude Tests

Online Psychometric Tests of Following Instructions, Mechanical Understanding and Using Numbers for those in manufacturing, production, warehousing and logistics.
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Operative Aptitudes

These tests assess the ability to reason with basic information as well as the understanding of visual representation characteristic of the work of a range of shop floor staff. No assumptions are made about educational standards, although those with tangible attainments in secondary education are potentially likely to do better. These tests are appropriate for assessing unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled operatives in a range of industries including manufacturing, production, warehousing and logistics and could potentially be used to select for the grade of first line supervisor – but not for higher positions where other tests are likely to be more suitable.


Sub tests and test timings



Following Instructions

A test to assess a candidate’s ability to follow a set of written instructions.

(15 minutes)



Mechanical Understanding Test

A test to assess a candidate’s ability to reason with and apply their mechanical knowledge.

(17 minutes)



Using Numbers Test

A test to assess a candidate’s ability to answer questions about stock levels of components and their usage.

(16 minutes)


In order to use our Aptitude Tests independently, you need to have a recognised certification in Aptitude Testing or the BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Qualification.

Alternatively, you may attend our Online Basic Psychometrics Course: Psychometrics for HR Decisions.

If you do not hold relevant qualifications and do not wish to undertake training, we can still assist by either giving you access to only text-based reports, or via our Psychologist-on-Call™ service wherein our psychologists will manage the process for you and then call you to explain all reports.

If you don’t have a certification in aptitude tests, don’t worry, our psychologists can handle the process for you. Let us know something about the job and its required competencies by way of a good job description and person specification. We will then be able to advise on the best assessments to use. You then simply send us the full names and email addresses of those to be tested and we will invite them via our system. Once they have completed the assessments, we will send you the reports and arrange a telephone or skype session to take you through the reports to ensure understanding and effective use.

Validate is our innovative checking process for aptitude tests completed remotely and without supervision. The use of unsupervised aptitude tests saves time because job applicants can complete assessments without having to come to your office. However, it is difficult to be entirely certain that the right person completed the assessment.  This is where Validate comes in. Once you are at the shortlisting stage and you are meeting candidates for interview, administer Validate to your candidate. It simply presents candidates with the 6 most difficult questions which they originally got corrected in their unsupervised aptitude test. If they get them correct again under supervision, there is nothing to worry about. If they do less well this time around, it suggests they may have had help the first time around.


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