World’s First Psychometrics MOOC from PsyAsia International

In another PsyAsia First initiative, PsyAsia International, Asia’s independent leader in Psychometric Test Training, is offering the world’s first Psychometric Testing MOOC, starting this October 7.

Workplace & Human Resource Focus

The focus of this online course is on Psychometric Testing for the Workplace and hence very relevant to Human Resources and allied professionals.

Learners will be taught how to evaluate and therefore choose psychometric tests; how to administer, score and interpret them; and how to use psychometric tests in the decision-making process. The course will be relevant to anybody who needs to make decisions about people at work, whether it be for recruitment/selection, development, career counseling and more.

How the Free Psychometric Training Course Works

This is a 10-week, free online psychometric test training course. The principal mode of instruction is the same as most MOOCs – video lessons, followed by interactive quizzes. There will also be a course forum for delegate interaction and the facilitator will arrange LIVE online sessions for additional learning and Q&As.

Psychometrics MOOC Facilitator

PsyAsia International is a multiple award-winning leader in innovative Psychometric Test Training in Asia. The lead facilitator for this course is Dr. Graham Tyler. Dr. Tyler is a highly experienced UK and Australia-educated, award-winning and published registered psychologist.

When asked about why the company is offering this free online course, Dr. Tyler replied:

“There are a few reasons. Probably the most important is that generally where we see bad press about psychometric tests it is because of the end user. As a result of not understanding psychometrics and how tests work, the wrong tests get chosen or good tests are incorrectly used and even abused. We have been upholding standards in psychometric testing in Asia since 2002 by insisting on training when many of our competitors have waived training for the sake of fast sales. Now it’s time to take our influence in competent testing further by removing all barriers to good training and offering free professional psychometric test training for a global audience.”

Register for the Psychometrics MOOC

Kindly visit our Psychometrics MOOC webpage for full details of the course and facilitator, and to register:


Other PsyAsia First Initiatives

First to bring regular public training for the former BPS Level A and B Certificates in Competence in Psychometric Testing to Hong Kong and Singapore.

First to bring regular public training for the BPS Level 1 and 2 Test User Certificates and the EFPA Euro Test User Certificate to Hong Kong and Singapore.

First to develop a platform to facilitate the above courses online by way of fully narrated, professionally recorded HD video learning, delegate forums, online chat, interactive quizzes and workbook completion.

First to offer the entire BPS/EFPA online training as standard for all delegates on our face-to-face courses – allowing them access immediately upon confirmation of course place. This means they are able to work on the course before face-to-face training begins and refer back to lessons any time they like during the course.

– First to offer a performance guarantee that all follow-up work for our BPS Level B / BPS Level 2 Personality Test User courses would be marked and results announced within a maximum of 10 days from the deadline and a target time of 5 days.

– And now, we are pleased to offer the Worlds First Psychometrics MOOC.