PsyAsia International is starting the World’s First Psychometrics MOOC on 7 October. This 10-week online psychometrics training course is totally free of charge and offers training in psychometric testing at work from an award-winning and published Registered Psychologist. In the run up to the course, we are publishing the Module Outline and Learning Objectives for each of the 10 Modules. We start today with Module 1: Introduction to Psychometric Testing. Join Learners from all over the world and network/interact with them and our facilitator in our Learner Forums, Discussions and Live Sessions between 7 October and the end of December, 2015.

Summary of Module 1: Introduction to Psychometric Testing

Welcome to our very first Module of the course. In this module we will look at what psychometric tests are and work on understanding the different categories of psychometric tests. We will then move on to start to consider the important issue of standardization in psychometrics. Later, we look at why psychometric tests are used and why we need training to choose and use psychometric tests.

Learning Outcomes for Module 1

– Understand what a psychometric test is.

– Be able to explain the difference between psychological tests and psychometric tests.

– Understand the different categories of psychometric tests.

– Understand why standardization is a key aspect of professional psychometrics.

– Understand why training to use psychometric tools is critical for you, your organization and your respondent.

In our next post, we will cover Module 2: Job analysis and competency frameworks.