As the global leader in online psychometric assessment, with courses since 2008, we continue to innovate our Psychometric Courses and student processes. The following outlines some updates we’ve made in the past few months:


Chapters within our Psychometric Training Videos

We’ve made it easier to find course content by adding chapters to our psychometric training videos. So, within any course lesson, our students can easily navigate to the content of interest. We have also published a list of all chapters for easy reference.

Playback Speed Selection

Students can now choose to playback the video faster or slower based on their preference and need.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

We now have picture-in-picture mode for our psychometrics videos so that students can easily have the course video open at the same time as another app, such as a note-taking app etc.

Clean-up of Main Course Page

We’ve cleaned up the main course page for each course Level to make it easier to navigate and focus. All non-essential text has been moved to the description (after clicking the link).

Easier Rework Submission

We’re making use of an app which allows our assessor to easily copy the part of your work he is commenting on, add his comments, and then allow opening this in a word document so students can easily add their corrections at the right point. Furthermore, we send this along with a navigable pdf so students can click on the comments to find the context within which they appear in the workbook.


Watch this space for our continued innovations to make learning as effective as possible, and assessment as flexible as possible for our students.