June 11, 2021
The present study is an updated survey examining individual assessor beliefs and practices related to faking in the individual assessment context. The responses from a mix of quantitative and qualitative survey questions were compared across individual assessors from the original 2005 sample (n = 77) and an updated 2020 sample (n = 78). Results suggest that single stimulus personality assessments are still the predominant form of personality assessment in use, but many individual assessors employ other types of personality assessments such as forced-choice. In 2020, individual assessors do not appear to be heavily concerned about the effects of faking on their recommendations, do not believe that a large number of candidates fake, and believe that even fewer candidates successfully fake.
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Author: Chet Robie,
Stephen D. Risavy,
Rick R. Jacobs,
Neil D. Christiansen,
Cornelius J. König,
Andrew B. Speer