Out with the old and in with the new!

Many thanks to the many individuals worldwide who have followed our Psychometrics blog posts over the past 6 years or so.  We have recently revamped our PsychometricAssessment.com website to make it more attractive and responsive. The website has been designed in html5 and works on all devices.

As part of our revamp we needed to decide whether to incorporate our years of blog posts in the new design or simply to start again. Given that what we do is cutting-edge psychometric testing, we decided on the latter. We will certainly be re-posting a number of the articles, but they will be vetted for current accuracy.

So, if you were wondering where our extensive blog has gone – or perhaps you arrived here by way of a link to the old Blog or Website, please take a look around at the new site and stay tuned for current psychometric assessment news and training from expert psychologists.

You will see that a lot has changed – we are pleased to introduce new psychometric test products from innovative and flexible publishers with a track record in pleasing clients!  Our online psychometric test training courses are also now available and already have happy graduates!

We will soon be sending some updates about our exciting new products and services, and details about special promotions to our newsletter subscribers.  If you are not a newsletter subscriber, please sign-up now so that you don’t miss out.